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Steps for creating your own telework office in your house with smart design furniture.

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When the lockdown first hit, those of us who worked in office jobs were told that until they found a solution, we would have to start working from home or telework office.

For some people, this was ideal; for others, it was a nightmare.

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Some companies have found it to be so effective that they have made it permanent. If you’ve been struggling, here are my tips for creating a telework office with smart design furniture.

Bed out the way

First things first , make sure your bed is out of the way. What you don’t want when you’re trying to get some work done, is a soft and comfy bed calling your name and begging you to lay in it.

What I like to do is throw a load of junk on it.

Doing so means that if I were to lie down, not only would it not be comfortable at all, but I would also ruin my good mic, and my headphones.


Although you don’t want to feel like it’s time to relax, you still want to be comfortable. Make sure that the chair you’re sitting on is adapted to you specifically.

Your height, body shape, and the way you like to sit are going to alter what kind of seat is best for you.

You also need to make sure that your computer or laptop and other office supplies are at the right height for you. The last thing you want is for your posture to get ruined. And even if everything is perfect, you don’t want to be slouching. My advice would be to act as if people are around you.

Work not play

During the lockdown, our personal, social, and private lives all happened within the same four walls. This made it very difficult to separate them.

It’s essential to make sure that you separate your fun life from your working life. There isn’t a right way or wrong way to do this.

Some of us will be lucky enough to have an office space in our house, but some of us are not going to have that option. If you’re in the latter and need to work in your room, you need to make sure your workspace feels like a workspace and not a bedroom.

There are beds you can get which lift, and allow you to hide stuff in them. I like to hide anything that could distract me from my work; this allows me to focus without being tempted.

I also make sure to not eat at my desk. Eating time and working time are two different times.

Another way to separate work from play is to make sure there is no TV in your bedroom. Having it will be far too tempting.

telework office


This final one might seem like a bit of an odd one. But please hear me out .

If you use paper, pens, books, or anything of that sort, you need to make sure you have some drawers or a filing cabinet that you can keep these sheets in.

However, the issue with some of the cheaper cabinets is that they can be challenging to open. When you’re working, you want to make sure you’re working as smoothly as you possibly can.

This means the drawers need to open with ease. If every time you want to open a drawer, you need to summon all your strength, you’re going to avoid opening it. Avoiding that could mean avoiding work.


Having the right setup can be the difference between a home office and a bedroom that you sometimes work in.

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