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Security Doors: Choosing Between Sliding and Hinged Doors

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The gateway to your house is one of the first things you and your visitors see when they enter. According to research, 20.3% of Australian residences have been burglarised. Hence, investing in security doors is no longer a choice; it is a need.

Protecting your family and valuables requires adequate security. Security doors are one of the finest investments you can make to strengthen the security of your house. Moreover, before you can go further into the colors, textures, patterns, and finishes of the security doors Perth, you must first choose the sort of security door that best matches your property.

There are two types of security doors to think about hinged and sliding security doors. This post will go through both to assist you in making your decision.

Maximum Convenience with Sliding Security Doors

The sliding security door is the first option we’ll look at. Security doors, as the name implies, are fitted for optimal convenience. The rails are small and simple to install and are now available in various finishes and colors.

In addition, sliding security doors Perth may also be used in various settings, including contemporary houses and commercial structures. Sliding security doors in Perth has many advantages:


Modern sliding security doors are not as bulky and thick as they formerly were. While reinforced sliding doors are still available for enhanced protection, the bulk of the solutions are meant to be space-saving and low-profile. Of course, as previously said, you are free to utilize the area surrounding the doors.

Style and Design Choices

The smallest and most minimalist of the sliding doors function well in contemporary buildings. There are several design and style choices available. You may also match the color of your sliding doors to the color of your property.

Ease of Access

Sliding security doors may be fully opened for easy access. Instead of taking up space by swinging the doors open, sliding security doors need the length of the door. Because sliding doors are low-profile, you may completely open them and have unfettered access when necessary.

Moreover, the doors may also be opened from any direction without impeding movement. More significantly, they make use of the space surrounding the doors. That gets us to our second advantage, which is the ability to save space.

Improved Airflow

Because sliding doors may be completely opened, they also help improve home ventilation. Because the doors rest on a guided rail, you don’t have to hold them open or worry about the wind pushing them close while they’re open.

Nevertheless, sliding security doors in Perth with locking mechanisms are also available. A powerful magnet at the end of the rail or on the doors themselves will prevent the door from shutting accidentally.

Security Doors

A Timeless Design With Hinged Security Doors

Hinged security doors in Perth, which use a more traditional approach, also provide many advantages. They are frequently seen as the better choice for residences with more mid-century or Victorian architecture, although they may also function well in contemporary buildings.

Furthermore, some hinged security doors Perth include reinforced portions for added security. Some of the benefits you might anticipate when you employ hinged security doors are equally intriguing.

Classic Styling

Hinged security doors are the solution if you own a Victorian or classic home. Today’s doors have decorative accents and a more comprehensive range of finishing choices.

Additionally, the traditional form is not only aesthetically appealing, but it also provides greater structural integrity in general.

Size Advantage

Because hinged doors do not need rails to function, they are more versatile in size and design. You don’t necessarily have to opt for a two-door design for your home as long as the one-door can swing open.

Classic Appearance

Hinged security doors have an imposing appearance; the form of the door is a powerful deterrent for criminals on its own. For this reason, many homeowners choose hinged security doors. The stronger frames, heavier structure, and door mounts demonstrate how tough breaking into the home will be.


Deciding between the two different types of security doors in Perth might be challenging. The choice that is most suited to you will be determined by several elements, such as the design of your home, the amount of space you have available, and the sort of overall appearance you are going for.

On the other hand, you will benefit from the additional security provided by these doors regardless of the kind of security doors Perth that you decide to install in your business or home.

In contrast, sliding doors are likely to be the most suitable alternative for you if, in essence, you are seeking something that is both modern and rather large. Hinge doors are probably the best option for your house if you are looking for something more classic and if you have a patio on the smaller side.