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6 Top Stores to Buy Flowers Online



There are many reasons why people are afraid of buying flowers online. This includes not knowing what type of flower to buy and online shopping websites to patronize.

If the above issues are addressed, online flower purchasing will be as straightforward as spreading butter on bread. Many online shops sell flowers, and it can be difficult to get the right one.

A quick search online will only throw up names, and it is left for you to dig in and decide where to pitch your tent. For instance, if you decide to buy roses from rose farmers, searching online will provide you with brands that offer such services. However, reviews can help you select where to buy from.

Meanwhile, to make it easy for you, below are some of the best places to buy flowers online for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.

1. Proflowers

Proflowers is one of the best online brands to buy fresh flowers from. Their blooms come with a seven-day freshness guarantee.

Aside from that, Proflowers provide customers with contact-free and no-signature delivery. Proflowers, always ensure your flowers are in top condition.

2. Venus ET Fleur

If you need a place versed in selling quality roses, Venus Et Fleur is one of the top places to consider. And that is not all; the roses they sell are long-lasting. Thus, you can have a bouquet of roses lasting for a year. Their arrangement patterns are pleasing. They provide customers with flowers in ceramic vases, which can be the best thing your guest notices when they visit.

3. BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox has distinguished itself as one of the best subscription-based online flower services. You can send flower subscriptions to family and friends. This is a great alternative to the stress of occasionally buying and sending them flowers. BloomsyBox subscription duration varies; thus, it can be monthly, bimonthly, or even annually.

4. Teleflora

Teleflora can provide you with many options that other online flower shops can’t. Their flowers are arranged by hand to give you that original feeling. Local florists initiate the whole process. You can get quick delivery and other dividends from Teleflora. This is one of the reasons why they are loved by many.

5. 1-800-Flowers

If you love to spice things up, 1-800-Flowers is one of the top options. You may not want to send just flowers to a loved one and would love to include other items. 1-800-Flowers ensures this is possible as they collaborate with other gift-selling brands like Simply Chocolate and The Popcorn Factory.

They do this to increase the options that customers may have. You may want to add chocolates, a teddy bear, or other items to your flower purchase. 1-800-Flowers makes such items available and takes away the stress of making a fresh order for such items.

6. Bouqs

Bouqs provides customers with many flower options to choose from. You may be pressed for time and would love to get your flowers in quickly, Bouqs can make this happen as they are one of the best places that offer same-day delivery.

Aside from the above merits, they offer subscription plans at discounted prices for those who may want occasional delivery. You can also get free shipping through your subscription.


The online flower services mentioned above are among the best in the industry. However, it is advisable to carry out your research to find the best online flower delivery service that best meets your needs.