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10 Hot Tips to Stay Classy This Coming Summer

Home Design

Stay Classy

Longer, warmer days means it’s time to rethink your home decor and shake off the winter blues. From embracing a lighter colour palette to investing in breathable bed linen and finding furniture that complements your lifestyle – we’ve got 10 hot tips to help you get your home stay classy for summer.

1. Use natural fibres

Just like you’d put away your bulky knitwear and break out the linen dresses, treat your decor in the same way. Natural fibres like linen, cotton and jute are perfect for warm weather because they’re lightweight and breathable.

You can use natural fibres throughout the entire home – floor rugs, bathroom towels, curtains, throw cushions, bedroom linen and tablecloths all look amazing when made from natural fabrics.

2. Embrace a brighter palette

The colour palette you choose to wear and decorate your home with over summer can either make you feel weighed down or light and free. Try embracing a brighter palette with calming blues and greens, happy yellows and bold pinks.

If you’re not sure how to create a summer palette at home, start with a base of white or beige and introduce two or three complementary accent colours. Keep it simple and stay classy for a cohesive feel.

3. Decorate with fresh foliage

Spring is the perfect time to get your garden ready for summer, whether that’s introducing new plants, mulching the garden beds or feeding the lawn. Bringing foliage into the indoor spaces is also a good move as it can actually make your space feel cooler.

If you’re not a fan of greenery, consider bringing home a fresh floral arrangement every now and again over summer. Look for bright coloured flowers and leafy foliage to make an attractive, gorgeous-smelling statement.

4. Simplify and declutter

Rooms with lots of decor and furniture can feel cosy during winter but may start to feel cluttered as the days warm up. Summer weather calls for open, airy spaces with a simple decorating style.

If you’ve always wanted an excuse to pare down your belongings and simplify your home, late spring and early summer is the perfect time for it. You don’t have to throw everything out, simply pack up the excess decor items and store them away for next winter.

5. Freshen up your bedroom linen

Warmer nights call for light, breathable bedroom linen that helps you feel comfortable when you’re going to sleep. Opt for natural fibres like flax linen or 100% cotton and be sure to check out the sustainability commitments of the brand.

To avoid your bed looking too hot and heavy, go for paler colours like whites, yellows and dusky pinks. If you like layering lots of pillows and rugs on your bed, monotone colour palettes can help amplify the summery vibe.

6. Get ready for outdoor entertaining

Nothing screams summer more than an inviting outdoor space. Shake the dust off your outdoor furniture, refinish your deck and refresh your decor to reinvigorate your outdoor entertaining area.

If you have a pool or make regular trips to the beach over summer, make sure you invest in a reliable beach umbrella. The offerings from Sunday Supply Co are about as stylish as you will find, and perfect for backyard as well as all kinds of summer adventures you might be dreaming of.

7. Start smelling like summer

Introducing summery scents into your home is a great way to embrace the change in season. Scrumptious smelling candles, decadent bowls of citrus fruit and vases full of fresh flowers are all clever ways to get your home smelling more like summer.

While you’re thinking about fragrances, don’t forget the bathroom. Swap out your soaps for something a little zestier. Check out the body washes and lotion from al.ive body, especially the kaffir and lime and the mango and lychee options, for some summery inspiration.

8. Multiply the light

If your home is feeling a bit like a bear’s cave coming out of winter, investigate ways you can increase the natural lighting to make the most of the long, bright summer days ahead.

Replace heavy curtains with light, billowy ones and rearrange furniture so it’s not blocking the windows. Hanging mirrors on your walls is a great way to reflect light around the room and make the space look larger.

9. Swap in summer furniture

Daybeds, occasional chairs and bar stools are great furniture staples that can help you enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces more over summer. Think about the things you want to do more of and invest in furniture pieces that help you do just that.

For inspiration, check out the range of offerings by Uniqwa Furniture. From teakwood hammocks to rattan hanging chairs and rustic hand-woven pendant lights – you’ll find tonnes of pieces to help you embrace the spirit of summer.

10. Bring the beach home

The beach is a summer icon, so why not embrace it in your home design? Drawing inspiration from nature is a great way to find a style that works for you – whether that’s embracing more blues in your colour palette, buying large photography prints of the ocean or using rattan furniture.

If the beach isn’t your thing, find other ways to draw inspiration from nature. Think summer gardens, poolside getaways, tropical designs or fruit-filled picnics. Whatever you love most about summer, try bringing elements of those things into your home design.